Previous shows:

August 17th — Blue Lagoon

With Happy Meal and The Moogs! Maximum twinkle-fun!

Monday July 4th — Big Yellow House

We were supposed to play at the Cube but the planets were misaligned... so we moved the party to the Big Yellow House! It was a night full of wonderment. We played with Del Toro from LA.

Saturday June 11th — Oakland

We played the house party mind vortex with 123 picnic and other fun gentlemen. We think the theme was post-apocalyptic dinosaur robots or something but we had our own theme of androgynous Weimar cabaret. Thanks to all our Santa Cruz & Peninsula friends who came out!

Wednesday June 8th — Blue Lagoon

We played with The Most, they were great. The underwear theme was a winner. We debuted Cosmic Star underwear! Sexy fun!

Friday June 3rd — Cafe Pergolesi

We played with No Cello from Fresno! It was rock-o-matic! We had magic costume fun!

Wednesday May 4th, 2005 — Crash Course (Blue Lagoon)

Superfun! Thanks to everyone who came out!

Saturday April 23rd, 2005 — Big Yellow House

The Pirate Party was mega-fun! Thanks to Nautical By Nature pirate dancers for working it on the dance floor! Pictures coming soon!

Friday March 11, 2005 — Oakland

We spread magic love virus to all in attendance. We love Oakland! Good Feeling 2005! Fun pix from Crazy Monster Love Party:

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